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Lie Low
Royal Court Theatre     Spring 2024

Faye (Charlotte McCurry) is the “victim” of a sexual assault. She is recently having some very bad dreams even though she admits that she hasn’t slept in two weeks. In her nightmares, a duck-man comes out of her wardrobe and dances with her.

Faye is trying to become a “survivor”, so she reaches out to her brother, Naoise (Thomas Finnegan), for his assistance. She is certain that, if he reenacts the attack or rather the nightmare, this will be the solution.

Naoise has reached out to her for very different reasons. He has a secret to confess. He has found himself accused of a similar assault, although he has difficulty accepting or admitting to the details of the assault. His confession dovetails in the most disturbing way with her assault.

Charlotte McCurry is perfect as Faye. She is high energy and non-stop. Faye is charming, engaging, and funny.

Thomas Finnegan is a scary duck and talented dancer. His Naoise is never regarded as villainous but always sympathetic and sometimes even pathetic.

We have recently seen some very public figures accused of various sexual and abuse offenses who straddle the truth and their responsibility. Playwright Ciara Elizabeth Smyth gives us a view of sexual assault from opposing viewpoints. She changes her alliance as she reveals details.

Through the Looking Glass meets Looking for Mr. Goodbar in this very dark and very funny dream/nightmare written deftly by Ciara Elizabeth Smyth and creatively directed by Oisin Karney.

The playwright, director and actors take us to surprising places. Hats off to the brave actors who work well with Smyth’s challenging script and Kearney’s spartan and precise direction. The choreography is always exciting.

Lie Low works perfectly in this intimate space of the Royal Court's upstairs theatre. Fasten your safety belts.

Catherine Lamm

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Review of  Lie Low - Royal Court Theatre 2024

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